TSS Game

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Semi Trailer script (overwrite the original script with this one)

"TSS" Tokyo game engine, scripting and source code

the game, all of its files and the source code can be
used freely for any BUT harmful and commercial purposes

the game engine was developed entirely with borland delphi
by aukiogames.

TSS Game - Aukiogames


Antti Lehto (Gebbiz)

_lead graphic artists
Peter Finnberg (stormi)
Sami Kalliokoski (ceesam)

_graphic artists
Joonas Makila (manfex)
Pekka Suutari (PeXi)
Mikko Tyni (mty)

_audio and music
Joonas Kaski (Templar)
Mikko Rainio (dnaaa)